soldering irons

Boxes are open and materials are being packed into them, chaotic indoor scene with bare bulletin boards.

I was looking for info on soldering irons to share with a friend.  She came over to help me pack for an hour (I’m moving) and asked, “What’s this thing?” “It’s a soldering iron!” I said. “What’s it do?” she asked. “It melts a little bit of metal, to join things together.  It’s kind of… Continue reading soldering irons

disabled comedy

all bodies are valid bodies

Hello!  I watched this stand up comedy by Josh Blue, a person who has cerebral palsy.  I liked the jokes about disability best.  And the jokes about homelessness.  Seems important to laugh about these serious concepts, to transform shame and silence into joyful insight. I had a good friend when I was young who has… Continue reading disabled comedy


spouse Ming wearing his blue narcolepsy shirt. Asian non-binary person squats by the street smiling. His shirt says, "Don't worry--it's just narcolepsy, and this is my normal napping position."

Hello, I wanted to clarify that the posts I made about the incident in the rose garden aren’t actually about this one incident or my one life.  I’m 45 years old, and my needs have been violated over and over again for 45 years, to the point of trauma and real lasting harm. The rose… Continue reading example

I like your stims

Hello, I’m Laura-Marie. I’m working on this new website for autistic liberation. I like your stims is for all neurodivergent people, formally diagnosed and self-diagnosed. Being unconditionally valid is a great place to start. I plan to include resources for all ages of autistic people, but especially adults.  I’d also like ways to connect and… Continue reading I like your stims