Hello!  This is a shout-out to neurodivergent_lou for making the best content about autism I have ever read–especially for and about autistic adults like me.  Neurodivergent_lou is a great reason to be on Instagram. Lately I’ve read on this Instagram feed about panic attack vs autistic meltdown in a way that helped me see… Continue reading neurodivergent_lou


Hello, I made some stickers pertaining to this blog, I Like Your Stims.  There’s a three inch round one. And there’s a long pink bumper sticker.  Very cute! They could adorn your car, water bottle, computer, backpack, forehead, spaceship, etc. Please email me if you would like one.  You could donate toward my hosting and… Continue reading stickers

autistic trait

“That’s my biggest autistic trait–not knowing when I’m friends with someone,” my housemate said. We were at the dinner table, talking about social. “I think friendship is different when you’re housemates,” I said.  “Friendship can be like affection, reaching out, shared norms, shared language, shared values, things you do together.  But when you live with… Continue reading autistic trait

so you have a kid with autism

Hello, reader.  My spouse Ming has a friend whose kid was recently diagnosed with autism.  To celebrate Ming’s birthday, we were on a hike in the forest.  I mentioned how I’d had my limit, and Ming’s friend told me that it impresses him, how I know myself and can express when I’ve had enough.  He… Continue reading so you have a kid with autism


Hello, I have autism which includes sensory sensitivities, including sensitivity to smell.  When my spouse and I visited Lotusland botanic garden this summer, one of the other guests on a tour was wearing perfume.  I was angry because I was there to experience a place.  Plants and the earth have a distinctive smell that I… Continue reading smells