Two colorful stickers homemade read You Matter in a graffiti style font. Art by Laura-Marie-- sharpie on craft paint on reclaimed shipping stickers.

Would you like to write an essay / blog post for this i like your stims website?  This is your invitation.  Please consider what you have to share about autistic liberation, neurodivergence, health, meeting the needs of people with social differences and sensory differences, resources you enjoy, your own experiences, ideas, tips.

possible topic ideas

I’d love to read more about autism and gender, diagnosis, identifying, coming out.  Challenges with sensory issues, especially with food.  Autism and language use.  Autistic people in families and what happens to us in different family types.  Getting government benefits, how we describe ourselves, helpful / unhelpful occupational therapy or other assistance you might have tried.

How to get our medical needs met, how to find respect that works for us, how to help allistic people understand certain concepts that challenge them.  Autism and community.

Disability justice, autistic culture, finding one another, love and autism, relationships and autism, misconceptions of what neurodivergence is.  Autistic terminology, maybe what types of jobs autistic people might find ourselves in.  What we can be very good at.  How we can be grouped in with people who are like and unlike us.

Autism and fatness; autism and race / ethnicity; autism and mental health.  Queerness!  Talk therapy, personality typing like enneagram and Myers-Briggs.  Autism and pandemic.  Energy, introversion, being a multi-outlier.

Autistic fantasies, access intimacy, care pods, being there for one another.  What is authenticity, experiences of masking, what we do to survive in a world not designed for us.  Your journey through the world, childhood through adult.  Books, videos, instagrams to follow, websites, zines, other resources.

Your favorite stims, of course!


My wish would be for 300 to 1500 words, with at least one photo.  Or you could ask me to find a photo that works.  Shortish paragraphs for reading ease would be nice, and including a couple links would be good too, to connect your post to the rest of the web, and for SEO.  Subject headings for different parts of what you write can help people comprehend.

You can email it to me at robotmad at gmail.  Or you could email me your idea of what you want to write, to make sure it’s within my perceived scope, before you do the work.

Thank you for considering this invitation.  More voices here would be amazing.  Being there for one another is sacred.  Virtual socializing works way better for me than in person.  Sharing virtual community in a chill way is something I enjoy.  Love to the autistic liberators.  You matter!

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