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all bodies are valid
all bodies are valid bodies

Hello!  I watched this stand up comedy by Josh Blue, a person who has cerebral palsy.  I liked the jokes about disability best.  And the jokes about homelessness.  Seems important to laugh about these serious concepts, to transform shame and silence into joyful insight.

I had a good friend when I was young who has cerebral palsy and walks with crutches.  His crutches made a certain sound, so I could hear him walking by.  So if I was feeling social, I could go outside and speak with him.  He was a talkative poet.

As for homelessness, I work with people who are homeless, and live with people who are formerly chronically homeless.  I’m familiar with seeing many disabilities in the crowd of folks I’m serving food to.

There are so many ways that housed people like to dismiss homeless people as people.  So many mistaken beliefs: they choose homelessness, they’re all addicts and drunkards, or they’re all crazy–as if crazy was something shameful and morally wrong.  I’m tired of the ways people pretend it’s ok to ignore the humanity of many valid humans.  Many homeless people are disabled.


I wrote this poem “disabled dancing” about how disabled people are valid.  We can be looked at, and we can move in our own ways.  We don’t need to be hidden away.  My dancing is as valid as anyone’s.  I refuse to think of disabled people as lesser than.

The end of the disabled comedy by Josh Blue is about how we disabled people are a big minority group that abled people can join at any time.  It’s a very smart idea.

I feel deep kinship with people who are disabled in ways different from my ways.  Solidarity!  And liberation for all.  It’s intersectional, and laughter can be a step toward justice.  Laughter can transform energy.

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