autistic trait

“That’s my biggest autistic trait–not knowing when I’m friends with someone,” my housemate said. We were at the dinner table, talking about social. “I think friendship is different when you’re housemates,” I said.  “Friendship can be like affection, reaching out, shared norms, shared language, shared values, things you do together.  But when you live with… Continue reading autistic trait

autism and sexuality

Hello, I’ve been thinking about autism and sexuality for a long time.  A friend of mine with autism mentioned she feels sorry for people who don’t have autism–because of sex.  She was saying that sensory sensitivities mean some people with autism feel sexual pleasure more intensely. Wow, yes.  I’ve been told by a few folks… Continue reading autism and sexuality

headphones as assistive devices

Hello, I’ve been thinking about tools I use to survive in a world that’s not made for disabled people.  I like headphones as assistive devices. loud world For a long time, I saw wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, grabbers, hearing aids, canes, screen readers, and shower chairs as assistive devices that mattered.  It was only recently that… Continue reading headphones as assistive devices

Designing for every user – Neurodiversity in the workplace

Hello, how are you doing?  My spouse Ming and I recently watched a zoom called Designing for every user – Neurodiversity in the workplace.  That bright art glass pic is a screenshot of the scientist presenter’s website.  I saw something about the free zoom on eventbright.  Sounded great. I don’t have a workplace or plan… Continue reading Designing for every user – Neurodiversity in the workplace


Hello, I have autism which includes sensory sensitivities, including sensitivity to smell.  When my spouse and I visited Lotusland botanic garden this summer, one of the other guests on a tour was wearing perfume.  I was angry because I was there to experience a place.  Plants and the earth have a distinctive smell that I… Continue reading smells