Hello, I have autism which includes sensory sensitivities, including sensitivity to smell.  When my spouse and I visited Lotusland botanic garden this summer, one of the other guests on a tour was wearing perfume.  I was angry because I was there to experience a place.  Plants and the earth have a distinctive smell that I… Continue reading smells


“Can I give you some feedback?” I asked my spouse Ming.  I wanted to tell him how he had been uncouth.  “It’s negative feedback.  Two of them.” “Sure,” he said. Ming is the only person I’ve ever known who actually wants feedback about what he’s doing and how he made a mistake.  Most people seem… Continue reading uncouth

do all autistic people love Amelia Bedelia?

Oh hey, how are you doing?  Just wondering: do all autistic people love Amelia Bedelia?  Do you know those children’s books by Peggy Parish?  The whole deal is Amelia Bedelia is very literal minded. Some say people with autism such as myself are also literal minded.  Yes, I can understand figures of speech pretty well,… Continue reading do all autistic people love Amelia Bedelia?

autistic music

Hello, do you know about autistic music?  I’ve only begun to dip my toe into the water of this music topic.  The only autistic band I know of is this: Astereotypie. A friend on a music facebook group linked to an Astereotypie song.  I watched the video and was blown away.  It was one of… Continue reading autistic music

soldering irons

Boxes are open and materials are being packed into them, chaotic indoor scene with bare bulletin boards.

I was looking for info on soldering irons to share with a friend.  She came over to help me pack for an hour (I’m moving) and asked, “What’s this thing?” “It’s a soldering iron!” I said. “What’s it do?” she asked. “It melts a little bit of metal, to join things together.  It’s kind of… Continue reading soldering irons

circle stim

I was doing a circle stim in the driveway this morning, and Ming took a video.  We laughed when I changed direction. It was a breezy morning.  Felt good to have some fresh air and movement while it was still cool outside, and say hello to the world with circles. Thank you for recognizing my… Continue reading circle stim


I had a friend who was struggling with his needs and differences, so he was seeking diagnosis.  He’d been homeless for a while, and getting on disability seemed a great idea for a source of income.  Diagnosis would be part of that. Maybe he had autism–maybe he had something else.  Psychiatrists and other doctors had… Continue reading diagnosis

how not to be anxious interacting with people

A friend who’s also neurodivergent asked me if I know how not to be anxious interacting with people.  So this is the poem-list of tips that I gave to my friend. how not to be anxious interacting with people I limit the time I’ll spend, to keep my stress low. tell myself, Ming, and maybe… Continue reading how not to be anxious interacting with people