autistic music

autistic music

Hello, do you know about autistic music?  I’ve only begun to dip my toe into the water of this music topic.  The only autistic band I know of is this: Astereotypie.

A friend on a music facebook group linked to an Astereotypie song.  I watched the video and was blown away.  It was one of the weirdest things I’ve ever seen–delightfully so.  So creative and wild, with a edge of anger?  There’s a part that disturbed me too much, about electroshock.  Otherwise, I loved it.

The energy, the colors, the feelings are all exciting and appealing.  The vibe is cartoonish and seems silly, yet very serious at the same time, with intense commentary on reality.  The things I learn from this video and song are still working their way through me, changing me.

This song doesn’t have electroshock, and I thought you might enjoy it.  There is a pigeon.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, the language is French.  The musicians are French.

But sometimes I think we people with autism are of our own nation.  I see us as outside of the regular ways.  We can live in a nation, but we are to the side.  I can see what’s going on, but I can’t always participate.  I am unconditionally valid, but that doesn’t mean my life is easy.

Do you know any enjoyable autistic music?  This is something I’d like to learn more about.  Please comment with recommendations!

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