spouse Ming wearing his blue narcolepsy shirt. Asian non-binary person squats by the street smiling. His shirt says, "Don't worry--it's just narcolepsy, and this is my normal napping position."

Hello, I wanted to clarify that the posts I made about the incident in the rose garden aren’t actually about this one incident or my one life.  I’m 45 years old, and my needs have been violated over and over again for 45 years, to the point of trauma and real lasting harm. The rose… Continue reading example

let’s go

Ming at the rose garden! Asian-American non-binary person grins with some plant life in the background.

“What would you have done, if I’d started screaming at those people at the park?” I asked Ming.  He was driving, and I was passenging.  I’d just been sensory and socially freaked out by inconsiderate party goers at the park.  “Would you have said, ‘Let’s go,’ and moved us out of there?” “No,” Ming said. … Continue reading let’s go

why I’m self-diagnosed

Hello, I’m Laura-Marie.  I want to explain why I’m self-diagnosed as autistic, how that feels, and how it affects my life. what autism is I didn’t know until recently what autism even is.  I’d heard of it as a super-male brain with social cluelessness and awkwardness, lack of empathy, and being out of touch with… Continue reading why I’m self-diagnosed